Q: What are the dates and rates for FashionCampNYC?
1-Day Fashion Camp is December 18th, 2015

Fashion Prep and Fashion Forward Session 1 is July 25-29th

Fashion Prep and Fashion Forward Session 2 is August 1st-5th

1-Day Fashion Camp is $699

Fashion Prep is $1,400

Fashion Forward is $1,600

If you are unsure if FashionCamp is for you, we are offering a 1-day trial for Fashion Prep, please contact us for more information.

We also offer discounts if you register for one or more sessions.

Q: Where is FashionCampNYC located?
We are located in midtown Manhattan at LIM – The College for the Business of Fashion – located at 12 East 53rd Street between 5th and Madison Avenues.

Q: How many campers will be attending fashion camp?
Enrollment for Fashion Prep is limited to 75 campers per session, with 2 sessions offered per summer. Enrollment for Fashion Forward is limited to 30 campers per session, with 2 sessions offered per summer. We accept applications on a first come, first served basis.

Q: What is is the difference between Fashion Prep and Fashion Forward?
FashionCampNYC Fashion Prep: This popular program is now in its tenth year and is bigger, better, and more fun and educational than ever. Campers learn how to create their own brands…visit a wide variety of fashion businesses…hear from industry experts, designers, stylists, and bloggers and learn how to jump-start their fashion educations and careers. Includes a visit to the fashion exhibit at the Met and behind-the-scenes tours.

FashionCampNYC Fashion Forward: We’ve taken our Advanced session to a whole new level! This engaging program is designed for prior campers AND fashion-forward tweens/teens with a special interest in media, technology (like 3D design), blogging, and trend-spotting. Limited to 30 campers each session, so you’ll get a chance to work up-close with taste-makers and industry professionals. Limited to ages 16 and up (exceptions made for prior campers and others with industry experience).

Q: What is the difference between the 1-Day Camp and the Summer Camp?

A: The 1-Day Fashion Camp is taking place on December 18th, 2015. This one-day program gives you a complete insight into the fashion industry exclusively through field trips that includes: shadowing stylist Denise Caldwell, Teen Vogue, retail showroom, Shapeways 3D printing, Seventeen, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. This program is more geared towards older fashionistas from age 16 to 21 years old.

The summer programs, Fashion Prep and Fashion Forward, are weeklong sessions during the last week in July and the first week in August. Throughout the week, Fashion Campers learn from a variety of influential speakers in the industry, work on a group project, and go on exciting field trips. For more information please visit the Summer Session Page.

Fashion Campers are welcome to do both the 1-Day Camp and the summer session of their choosing.

Q: Who are the directors of FashionCampNYC?
Gordon Josey and Fran Della Badia have successfully run FashionCampNYC since 2007. Gordon, a member of the American Camp Association, has been in the summer camp business as an owner and director for fifteen years. Fran is a highly regarded retail executive with brand experience with Coach North America and fashion tech retailer Bonobos.

Q: What kind of supervision is provided?
In addition to the FashionCampNYC faculty, trained camp counselors and the camp’s directors will supervise the entire program. Please note FashionCampNYC is a day-camp program. There is no camper supervision outside of the hours of 9:30am – 4:30pm. Campers typically come to NYC for the week with family and stay with family or friends in the NYC metro area and commute to FashionCampNYC each day.

Q: What kind of fashion experience is needed?
No experience is needed, just enthusiasm and a passion for fashion.

Q: How old must you be to attend?
Campers must be either entering 8th grade or be 12 years old at the start of their session.

Q: Do you have suggestions for overnight lodgings for campers outside of the New York metro area?
Campers from outside the New York metro area traditionally stay with family or friends or at reasonably priced hotels in Manhattan. Special hotel rates to come!

Q: How do I enroll?
You can register online or by phone by calling us at 1.800.451.8806.

Q: What is a typical day like?
Our program runs daily from 9:30am until 4:30am Monday through Friday. Activities ranges from creating their own brand, fashion stylist challenges, listening to amazing speakers, and field trips to great fashion companies.

Q: Why should my child participate in FashionCampNYC?
Imagine learning about the world of retail fashion from industry experts, including merchants, designers, product developers, stylists, editors and more! Meet and network with fashion professionals from visionary companies like Coach, Diane Von Furstenberg, Teen Vogue, Ferragamo PR, Bloomingdales and Alison Brod PR. This exploratory experience is unparalleled to any other for teens interested in a career in retail fashion.

Q: If I have more questions how do I contact FashionCampNYC?
You can call 800.451.8806 or email nancy@fashioncampnyc.com for more information.

Q: How do I apply to work at FashionCampNYC?
Fill out our online staff application, and a member of our recruiting team will be in touch with you.