We offer exclusive travel packages for both campers and parents who are traveling to New York City for Fashion Camp. We also offer assistance with restaurant reservations and exclusive packages to NYC hotspots.

For more information please contact our official travel partner Magma Global Travel  

Fashion Camp NYC Campers leave the program with a broad and deep understanding of multiple careers within the retail fashion industry, as well as friends and connections that last a lifetime. Previous campers have earned internships with our guest speakers, acceptance to top fashion programs and liberal arts schools, and employment at significant jobs in the retail fashion industry. Fashion Camp NYC is a warm and welcoming environment, where every child is encouraged to pursue his or her passions and interests. Fashion Camp NYC differs from other fashion camps and programs in these major ways:





  • We focus on retail fashion, rather than just design.
  • It is run by a diverse group of professionals with experience in the fashion industry, have backgrounds in education, youth development, mentorship, and career coaching. We know how to make learning fun!
  • We offer a unique combination of professional speakers from big brand companies, field trips, and fun summer activities. We keep the program exciting and engaging!
  • We are located in New York City, the epicenter of the fashion world!
  • We have been doing it for ten years and improving the programming as we go.
  • We stay in touch with our Campers over time and have helped many of them secure internships, and jobs and put them in touch with colleges.
  • Our Campers come from all over the world and get a truly global perspective on the fashion industry while making new friends.

Fashion Prep and Fashion Forward programs are $1,200 each. Prices include all activities and supplies. Dates can be found HERE once announced. The HERE in the answer should go to this link: http://fashioncampnyc.com/programs/

Our daily activities include presentations, field trips, and engaging projects.

Fashion Prep and Fashion Forward sessions typically have 25 campers.

The Fashion Prep program is for campers in grades 6-8 while Fashion Forward is an advanced program geared towards grades 9-12.

  • In addition to the Fashion Camp faculty; trained counselors and Camp’s Directors supervise the entire program.
  • Please note Fashion Camp’s summer sessions are a day-camp program. There is no camper supervision outside of the hours of 9:30 am – 4:30 pm.
No, we do not offer overnight lodging for our Campers.
Campers from outside the New York Metro area traditionally stay with family or friends, or at reasonably priced hotels in Manhattan.

You can call us at 212.319.6123  or  email us at for more information.