Faculty: What makes us so special

We have secured a team of inspiring faculty members to take the summer by storm!  Take a look at the speakers and their impressive backgrounds!

  • Francine Della Badia

    Francine Della Badia

    Francine Della Badia, CEO, Bonobos and former President of Coach North America; Owner/Director of FashionCampNYC

  • Gordon Josey

    Gordon Josey

    Owner/Director of Camp Twin Creeks and FashionCampNYC

  • Marsha Brooks

    Marsha Brooks

    Marsha Brooks, Director, FashionCampNYC

  • Miriam Quart

    Miriam Quart

  • Rebecca Szymczak

    Rebecca Szymczak

    Rebecca Szymczak, Creative Director, Bex NYC

  • Matt Hornbuckle

    Matt Hornbuckle

    Matt Hornbuckle, Co-Founder/CEO, Stantt

  • Brooke Scher Mogan

    Brooke Scher Mogan

    Brooke Scher Mogan, Vice President, Alison Brod Public Relations

  • Samantha Levine

    Samantha Levine

    Samantha Levine, Owner and Creative Director, Auburn Jewelry, LLC

  • Sandra Ornelas, Senior Marketing Manager at Coty

    Sandra Ornelas, Senior Marketing Manager at Coty

  • Kelsy Zimba

    Kelsy Zimba

    Principal/Designer, ZIMBA COLLECTIONS

  • Brittney Levine

    Brittney Levine

    Brittney Levine, Style & Trend Expert

  • Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin

    Emily Bache and Abigail Breslin

    Fashion Bloggers

  • Jon Harari

    Jon Harari

    Jon Harari, CEO, WindowsWear.com

  • Kalitza Pagan

    Kalitza Pagan

    Kalitza Pagan, fashion stylist

  • Meredith Banzhoff

    Meredith Banzhoff

    Founder & Designer, Meredith Banzhoff

  • Joan Duncan

    Joan Duncan

    Joan Duncan, professor, Parsons School of Design

  • Zoe Baris

    Zoe Baris

    Zoe Baris, Digital Global Communications at L'Oreal

  • Raashi Bhalla

    Raashi Bhalla

    Raashi Bhalla, Creative Strategy, Pinterest

  • Ian Wichman

    Ian Wichman

    Ian Wichman, Diane Von Furstenberg

  • Denise Caldwell

    Denise Caldwell

  • Nancy A. Shenker

    Nancy A. Shenker

    Founder/CEO of theONswitch & nunu media, author of Don't Hook up With The Dude in the Next Cube

  • Lauren Ruotolo

    Lauren Ruotolo

    Director, Entertainment & Consumer Marketing, Hearst Magazines

  • Lauren Slowik

    Lauren Slowik

  • Heather Mee

    Heather Mee

  • Margret Avery

    Margret Avery

  • Radhika Prakash

    Radhika Prakash

  • Heather Viggiani

    Heather Viggiani

  • Saba Gray

    Saba Gray

  • Joel Bradley

    Joel Bradley

  • Kirby Marzec

    Kirby Marzec

  • Lauren Kelly Gall

    Lauren Kelly Gall

Past Faculty

  • Lahnie Strange

    Lahnie Strange

    Executive Director of Marketing, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

  • Nicole Catanese

    Nicole Catanese

    Writer, Editor Beauty Health and Fitness Expert

  • Liza Deyrmenjian

    Liza Deyrmenjian

    Founder and Chief Visionary of Fashion Accelerator 360

  • Denice Pigott

    Denice Pigott

    Denice Pigott, Fashion PR & Event Producer

  • Isabella Rose Taylor

    Isabella Rose Taylor

    fashion designer, blogger

  • Lori Riviere

    Lori Riviere

    Lori Riviere, founder and CEO of The Riviere Agency

  • Danielle DiFerdinando

    Danielle DiFerdinando

    Danielle DiFerdinando, founder, Designer and Creative Director for Danielle Nicole handbags

  • David Duplantis

    David Duplantis

    President for Global Digital Media and Customer Engagement at Coach

  • Char Glover

    Char Glover

    Charketa “Char” Glover, Fashion Designer and Project Runway finalist

  • Enid Hwang

    Enid Hwang

    Enid Hwang, Community Manager at Pinterest

  • Mike Niemtzow

    Mike Niemtzow

    President and CFO, WindowsWear.

  • Raul Tovar

    Raul Tovar

    Head of Photography, WindowsWear

  • Darryl Estrine

    Darryl Estrine

    Darryl Estrine, Photographer

  • Jae Beatrice

    Jae Beatrice

    Jae Beatrice, Jr. Social Media Correspondent for FashionCampNYC

  • Donna Giambrone Ingram

    Donna Giambrone Ingram

    Director of Merchandising & Design, Carole Hochman Design Group

  • Sandra T. Finkelstein

    Sandra T. Finkelstein

    Director, Design and Product, Epic Threads Kids at Macy's

  • Stacey Mayesh

    Stacey Mayesh

    Freelance Fashion Stylist

  • Dana-Maxx Pomerantz

    Dana-Maxx Pomerantz

    Owner/Designer, Dana-Maxx

  • Jamie Ross

    Jamie Ross

    Creative Director and Trend Forecaster, The Doneger Group

  • Dawn Del Russo

    Dawn Del Russo

    On-Air Fashion & Lifestyle Expert

  • Mara Perlmutter

    Mara Perlmutter

    President of Designer Jewelry at Almar Sales Company

  • Ty Wilson

    Ty Wilson

    Commercial and Fine Artist

  • Greg Unis

    Greg Unis

    Vice President, Men’s Global Merchandising, COACH

  • Zoey Washington

    Zoey Washington


  • Adrian Gilbey

    Adrian Gilbey

    Design Director Anne Klein Dresses

  • Alexis Rodriguez

    Alexis Rodriguez

    Executive Director of Public Relations, Bobbi Brown

  • Nikki Fowler

    Nikki Fowler

    Editor/Publisher Glitter Magazine

  • Elizabeth McNulty

    Elizabeth McNulty

    Design Consultant, Elizabeth Anne LLC

  • Olivia Panella

    Olivia Panella

    Fashion Editor, The Tobe Report

  • Kristy Elena

    Kristy Elena

    Independent Fashion Designer, Fashion Blogger for the Sunglass Hut

  • Jennifer Haiken

    Jennifer Haiken

    Owner, Classic Kicks

  • Arielle Isackson

    Arielle Isackson


  • Jennifer Markas

    Jennifer Markas

    Founder of Damsels in Design

  • Christine Bibbo Herr

    Christine Bibbo Herr

    Fashion Stylist/Expert/Consultant - Mulitmedia spokesperson at nycpretty.com

  • Michelle Henley/Fashion Edits

    Michelle Henley/Fashion Edits

    President/Editor - FashionEdits

  • Lindsay Taylor Huggins

    Lindsay Taylor Huggins

    Senior Fashion Market Editor at SELF Magazine

  • Kathy Dydensborg

    Kathy Dydensborg

    Kathy Dydensborg, Senior Vice President Planning at LF USA

  • Jill Snowden

    Jill Snowden

    Head of Marketing at The Sak Brand Group

  • Stephan Detwiler

    Stephan Detwiler

    Director, Men’s Global Merchandising Coach